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Effective Data Management for 5G and the Automation Journey



Date of Live Webinar: 04 March 2021

Topic: Effective data management for 5G and the automation journey

Future networks, including 5G, bring new sources of real-time data – and a dramatic increase in its volume and flow. This data offers a valuable source of new business and operational insights, and fuel that can drive new performance efficiencies.

It’s also crucial for the delivery of KPIs for URLLC, mIoT and other new services – and for driving zero-touch network automation and continuous assurance. To capitalise on this promise, new models for data management are required.

But, there are important questions to answer. How can you manage this flood of data more effectively? Where should it be processed and stored? And, is it time to move to the public cloud?

In this new webinar, we’ll discuss key aspects of data management – and how you can benefit.

What are the different approaches to effective data management in future networks?

– How can we maximise the use of data to drive assurance?

– Why is data management fundamental to efficient automation?

– What data do we need to manage future networks

– Moving to the cloud – what does this mean?

Join our experts as we explore new approaches to the management of real-time data, moving to the cloud – and what you can do with it.

We’ll also share new insights from our user group survey, reflecting the very latest thinking and identifying key topics for the future.

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