Elisa Polystar enables end-to-end visibility in 5G multi-vendor, hybrid networks with the cloud-native 5G monitoring solution

Elisa Polystar enables end-to-end visibility in 5G multi-vendor, hybrid networks with the cloud-native 5G monitoring solution

Stockholm, Sweden, 17 February 2022 – Elisa Polystar, a world-leading pioneer in network automation, service assurance and analytics solutions, announces availability of a new, end-to-end cloud-native assurance and monitoring solution suite that provides full visibility of customer experience in multi-vendor 5G standalone networks.

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are accelerating investments in 5G standalone networks and the launch of services, based on network slicing. Network slicing enables operators to offer a richer variety of services, with different characteristics and service levels, on the same physical infrastructure. To profit from the opportunities emerging from network slicing, MNOs must be able to monitor and assure such new experiences, with full visibility of performance, end-to-end.

Elisa Polystar’s newly expanded solution portfolio brings full, 360° views, unlocking end-to-end insights of customer experience, for each network slice, enabling MNOs to prepare for the next phase of 5G rollout and beyond, as they seek to monetise these investments and introduce new services for consumers, IoT and B2B partners.

All insights can be tailored to the needs of different stakeholders in MNO organizations – from C-level to customer care, from operations and engineering to marketing and proposition management. In addition, insights regarding, for example, mobility and service utilization can easily be integrated with different MNO data monetization projects.

Future networks will be dynamic and distributed by nature. Elisa Polystar’s newly expanded solution set addresses these challenges with system automation and software that can be deployed – as desired – in central, edge and far-edge datacentres, or on premise, with minimal burden on an MNO´s IT organisation.

“2021 was the year where we began to see true commercial deployment of 5G Standalone networks. While early examples have been static, with one or two pre-defined network slices, we believe that in 2022, we will see many MNOs increase activities concerning network slicing. These activities will be complemented with implementation of multi-access edge computing, moving 5G and content to edge data centers. Our new assurance and monitoring solutions are ready for network slicing and deployment – whether centrally, distributed, or in a hybrid combination”, commented Thomas Nilsson, CTO & EVP of Service Assurance for Elisa Polystar.

Elisa Polystar’s service assurance and monitoring portfolio is fully integrated with our automation solutions, bringing together assurance and automation – developed by an operator, for operators.


Elisa Polystar, part of Elisa Group, is an innovative provider of cloud-native automation and analytics solutions. Our products help CSPs to reduce both OPEX and CAPEX costs, while enhancing customer experiences.

Our portfolio – proven with hundreds of CSPs globally – integrates AI-driven analytics with automation. It unlocks the benefits of closed-loop network operations and optimisation – delivering self-driving networks. Our solutions are compatible with any network, as well as any service, including IoT and 5G network slicing.

With our background as a subsidiary of Finland’s largest CSP, Elisa Polystar’s solutions are developed in a live network, and with the unique needs of operators in mind: by an operator, for operators.

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