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HI3G selects Polystar and Cubro to deliver customer and service assurance solution for new 5G network

Polystar, a global supplier of analytics, service assurance and automation solutions for the telecom industry, today announced that Hi3G Sweden – a long-time Polystar customer – has added 5G capabilities to the existing and proven Customer and Service Assurance solution.

Based on a common platform, the OSIX and KALIX systems span all deployed network assets, which include GSM, UMTS LTE, Wi-Fi, and 5G mobile networks; circuit and packet switched core; IMS and a diverse value-added service footprint. In addition, the real-time network data they collect provides a valuable resource to fuel big data analytics and 3rd party applications.

Together with strategic partner Cubro, Polystar has delivered a scalable and advanced network monitoring platform that caters to the increased demands of the NFVI and 5GC infrastructure.

“Polystar and Cubro have already proven our worth and capabilities over many years to Hi3G, enabling new levels of customisation and adaptability,” noted Stefan Eklund, Vice President Sales from Polystar. “We are honoured and excited that Hi3G has chosen to continue to work with us on its 5G journey.”

The new data center infrastructure, provided by Hi3G´s 5G vendor, brings multiple 100GE links and advanced overlay networking. Cubro’s network visibility solution was selected to deliver an effective data collection platform. Purpose built for telco cloud environments, the visibility platform supports high port count 100GE interfaces, in combination with advanced VXLAN filtering and load balancing capabilities, to feed multiple different types of probes.

The OSIX and KALIX solutions have already been extended with 5G support. As a result, Hi3G will continue to leverage existing and widely-used features and functions for new 5G services, helping to provide superior customer satisfaction and advanced, real-time network insights.

“We look forward to this continued and deepened collaboration with Polystar and its partner Cubro as an important part of our successful 5G rollout in Denmark and Sweden,” says Per Stigenberg, CTO 3 Scandinavia.

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Three Scandinavia (Hi3G Access AB) was founded in December 2000 with the vision to create a brand new platform for mobile communication. Today the company owns and runs 3G, 4G and 5G networks in Sweden and Denmark and has more than 2000 employees. 3Scandinavia, which is a part of the global 3 group with operations in eleven countries, is owned by Hong Kong-based CK Hutchinson, who owns 60 per cent, and Swedish Investor AB, who owns 40 percent. Read more about us at and


Cubro network visibility solutions remove network monitoring ‘blind spots’ to provide enhanced visibility and control of all data transiting a company’s network. Cubro’s solutions are instrumental in the successful outcomes of IT initiatives such as 5G/4G/3G, customer experience management and service assurance, digital transformation, data security, virtualised Data Centres and software-defined networking/NFV.

Cubro is recognised as one of the fastest-growing companies in Austria. The company was founded in 2003 in Vienna, Austria. Cubro has a global presence with offices in different geographic locations to serve customers across different time zones. Cubro delivers unrivalled solutions to Service Providers and Enterprises in both the private and public sector. For more information, please visit


Polystar is a leading provider of real-time monitoring and analytics platforms to more than 100 CSPs worldwide. The company‘s solutions deliver tailored insights into network, service and OTT application performance. These insights allow stakeholders to enhance customer experience, operational efficiency, and identify new revenue streams from data monetisation.

Polystar‘s products enable the smooth introduction of new technologies and services, including 5G, NFV and IoT, helping CSPs build and operate cost efficient, secure and reliable networks.

Powered by Elisa Automate, Polystar also ensures proactive management of networks through automation of operational processes, driven by machine learning. CSPs benefit from faster fault resolution and more efficient use of both operational and network resources.

Polystar was founded in Stockholm in 1983. The company has experienced continuous growth and has evolved to become a global company, serving customers and partners in over 50 countries. Since June 2019, Polystar has been part of Elisa Corporation. For more information, please visit


Elisa Automate and Polystar are now Elisa Polystar. Elisa Polystar is on a journey to make self-driving networks happen. We believe that networks should be run autonomously so that humans can focus on higher-level tasks. To achieve this, we combine an extensive amount of data, AI and Machine learning, and automation, running networks more efficiently and accurately.


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