Elisa Polystar is a growth company owned by 2B€ revenue (20% profit) Elisa Group, and Elisa Polystar is growing quick – in 2022 Frinx (SVK) and Cardinality Ltd (UK & PL) were added to the company offering. The core business is on assuring network quality, to automate network operations, and make autonomous, software-driven networks happen.

We are now looking for a telco industry engineer to work in a versatile role of Service Assurance Engineer. The service you contribute to is serving a large part of the telco industry globally and we aspire to implement the best network analytics solution on the planet.

The Service Assurance Engineer work is organized in regional teams serving clients. The role in Stockholm is a hybrid one with quite a lot of flexibility. Our headquarters are in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm.

This job includes:

As Service Assurance Engineer you work in a dual role of

1) Individual projects of setting up services to new clients and expanding the services of existing clients

2) Supporting clients’ service and providing stellar technical services

The project delivery tasks include:

The technical support tasks include:

The role we now recruit in is challenging as it’s versatile but it is rewarding as you get to learn continuously when working with top telco clients of the world.

You should:

The technical skills that you already have can vary. The key is the more you know, the more doable the jumping into the role of Service Assurance Engineer becomes. Some of the topics you might know include:

How does all that sound? If you would like to check if your background has potential, you can always ask our recruiter: When you submit the job application, then your job application will be reviewed by Gino and Konstantin and we try to respond quickly – ideally by inviting to a video interview.