Elisa Polystar is a growth company owned by 2B€ revenue (20% profit) Elisa Group, and Elisa Polystar is growing quick – in 2022 Frinx (SVK) and Cardinality Ltd (UK & PL) were added to the company offering. The core business is on assuring network quality, to automate network operations, and make autonomous networks happen.

This winter in Sweden we look for ambitious students looking forward to working on their Master’s Thesis on Elisa Polystar-related topics.

The research will take place part-time at one of the Elisa Polystar offices (Stockholm or Umeå) to ensure that support for elaborating the topic is there when needed.

The guidance for students starts from our solutions OSIX & Kalix – they are used by 100+ telecommunication companies worldwide. We help our clients to monitor, detect & solve the network issues and provide data insights using ML & AI. The rate of consumption of data is at a terabyte per tenths of seconds. So the thesis topics below are based on OSIX & Kalix.

We invite you to send brief (2-3 paragraphs) descriptions of how you would approach working a thesis in 2023 on one of the following topics:

1) 5G/4G traffic simulation and generation

2) Efficient caching of time-series data

3) Database dictionary evaluation

Our choice of database used for large sets of time-series data is sub-optimal for large JOIN operations. In order to mitigate this, we want to investigate a ‘dictionary’ feature of the database engine.
Evaluate the dictionary functionality as a way to enrich data instead of our current strategy. Also create a prototype in order to analyze the feasibility of dictionaries compared to the current solution.

The background of your studies can be a variety of engineering or computer science related. The key is that you find the topics interesting all the way to doing a full Master’s Thesis. Choose one of the above topics – or you can propose another topic.

Please apply to do a remunerated Master’s Thesis by clicking apply, and add a Cover Letter/CV with a couple of paragraphs on your thesis topic. Provide information of your course success, too. If you have questions on the thesis topics, or the recruitment itself, please be in touch with

We plan to choose the Master’s Thesis topics and proceed by 15/2. We look forward to the proposals! Thanks for your time and interest.

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