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Polystar confirms ISO re-certification, with scope extended to Elisa Automate business unit

Stockholm, Sweden, 6 July 2021Elisa Automate included in audit, ensuring compliance for our entire organisation

Polystar is pleased to confirm that we have successfully completed and passed new audits for our existing ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications. The audits are conducted every three years and require extensive evaluation of compliance. Polystar passed with ‘Honours’.

Importantly, the scope of Polystar’s certification has been extended and now also includes the Elisa Automate Business Unit, bringing coverage to all teams within our group. This means that we are fully aligned with the requirements of our growing global customer base and can meet exacting demands.

As a distributed organisation, it’s important for our customers to know that all our remote locations act in accordance with the same procedures, ensuring consistency. The auditors confirmed this, noting also that staff awareness of the necessary protocols and procedures was high throughout all our facilities.

In addition, positive observations included reference to our continual investment in process evolution, as well as to risk assessment and management. The stringent audit process is repeated every three years, with interim annual evaluations. No non-conformities were found, confirming the rigor with which we follow the standards.

Polystar understands how important compliance to international standards is to our customers. Ensuring that we meet the strictest benchmarks and globally-recognized standards gives them additional confidence when investing in our solutions – and, crucially, the people who deliver them.


Elisa Automate delivers proven, multi-vendor network automation solutions to reduce cost and improve customer experience for CSPs. With Elisa Automate’s software, network processes can be fully automated, allowing engineering experts to focus on other value-creating tasks. With the use of Machine Learning and AI, Elisa Automate brings advanced predictive analytics and preventive maintenance to networks. Leading the way in efficiency, Elisa Automate’s solutions ensure that operators get maximum benefit from their networks.


Polystar is a leading provider of real-time monitoring and analytics platforms to more than 100 CSPs worldwide. The company‘s solutions deliver tailored insights into network, service and OTT application performance. These insights allow stakeholders to enhance customer experience, operational efficiency, and identify new revenue streams from data monetization.

Polystar‘s products enable the smooth introduction of new technologies and services, including 5G, NFV and IoT, helping CSPs build and operate cost efficient, secure and reliable networks. Powered by Elisa Automate, Polystar also ensures proactive management of networks through automation of operational processes, driven by machine learning. CSPs benefit from faster fault resolution and more efficient use of both operational and network resources.

Polystar was founded in Stockholm in 1983. The company has experienced continuous growth and has evolved to become a global company, serving customers and partners in over 50 countries. Since June 2019, Polystar has been part of Elisa Corporation. For more information, please visit


Elisa Automate and Polystar are now Elisa Polystar. Elisa Polystar is on a journey to make self-driving networks happen. We believe that networks should be run autonomously so that humans can focus on higher-level tasks. To achieve this, we combine an extensive amount of data, AI and Machine learning, and automation, running networks more efficiently and accurately.


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