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Transtema selects Polystar to deliver virtual NOC automation Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) from Elisa cloud

Stockholm, SWEDEN, 9th February 2021 – Elisa Automate, a business unit of Polystar OSIX AB and the leading supplier of Machine Learning / AI-based network automation solutions for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), has been selected by Transtema Network Services, a leading managed service provider of communication networks in Sweden, to enable new automation capabilities. Under the agreement, Elisa Automate will deliver and integrate its Virtual NOC automation solution with Transtema’s 24/7 network operations centre.

The automation of the Network Operation Centres (NOCs) has become critically important to CSPs, because it can accelerate fault resolution, enhance efficiency and deliver significant cost savings. Legacy, manually-intensive processes are no longer fit for purpose, as CSPs seek to operate and maintain networks that can support more agile service delivery.

This agreement marks the beginning of a long-term partnership between the two companies, during which they will explore additional opportunities for collaboration. The first step in this journey is the comprehensive automation of Transtema’s Fault Management Process with the deployment of the Virtual NOC.

The Virtual NOC will be delivered through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and will be hosted in Elisa’s cloud environment.

We are delighted to work with Polystar and Elisa Automate on this project. An efficient NOC is fundamental to our business. The process automation Virtual NOC offers gives us new levels of autonomy and efficiency,” said Magnus Eriksson, Managing Director of Transtema Network Services. “Polystar and Elisa Automate are helping us to unlock the new levels of agility we need to support efficient network operation, tuned to the needs of the next decade.

The zero-touch automation of real-time Fault Management processes enabled by Elisa Automate delivers considerable benefits. It supports automatic network fault resolution and creates significant time savings, reducing the workload for experts in the first- and second-level operations team, allowing resources to be directed to more profitable activities.

We are truly excited to partner with Transtema and support their current and future business objectives in being their innovative partner within the domain of Automation,” commented Kirsi Valtari, EVP of Elisa Automate. “We are looking forward to securing Zero-Touch Network Operations for Transtema and recognise that this is a critical milestone for them and their future growth ambitions.”


Transtema is a company in the telecom industry that since 1997 has offered design, construction, operation and maintenance of communication networks as well as technical consulting services to telecom operators, city networks, municipalities, power companies and larger companies. Net sales in Transtema Group AB in 2019 were 1,497 MSEK (868). The number of employees in the group is about 1000.

Transtema Group is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market with the ticker TRANS.

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Elisa Automate delivers proven multivendor network automation solutions to reduce cost and improve the customer experience for CSPs. With Elisa Automate software, network processes can be fully automated, allowing engineering experts to focus on other value-creating tasks. With the use of machine learning and AIs, Elisa Automate brings advanced predictive analytics and preventive maintenance to the networks. Leading the way in efficiency, Elisa Automate solutions ensure that operators get maximal benefit out of their networks. Elisa Automate is a part of Polystar.


Polystar is a leading provider of real-time monitoring and analytics platforms to more than 100 CSPs worldwide. The company‘s solutions deliver tailored insights into network, service and OTT application performance. These insights allow stakeholders to enhance customer experience, operational efficiency, and identify new revenue streams from data monetisation.

Polystar‘s products enable the smooth introduction of new technologies and services, including 5G, NFV and IoT, helping CSPs build and operate cost efficient, secure and reliable networks.

Powered by Elisa Automate, Polystar also ensures proactive management of networks through automation of operational processes, driven by machine learning. CSPs benefit from faster fault resolution and more efficient use of both operational and network resources.

Polystar was founded in Stockholm in 1983. The company has experienced continuous growth and has evolved to become a global company, serving customers and partners in over 50 countries. Since June 2019, Polystar has been part of Elisa Corporation.

Elisa Automate and Polystar are now Elisa Polystar. Elisa Polystar is on a journey to make self-driving networks happen. We believe that networks should be run autonomously so that humans can focus on higher-level tasks. To achieve this, we combine an extensive amount of data, AI and Machine learning, and automation, running networks more efficiently and accurately.