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The New Era of Analytics: Use Cases, Challenges and Opportunities



Date of Live Webinar: 25 March 2021

Topic: The New Era of Analytics: Use Cases, Challenges and Opportunities Unlocked by 5G

How can analytics help you capitalise on new 5G opportunities? Find out in our next webinar on Thursday 25th March 2021!

5G creates new challenges and opportunities for analytics, because of new dynamic network and service orchestration capabilities, and an expanded supplier ecosystem. It will enable MNOs to build new partnerships in a wide range of sectors and industries, backed by an agile, dynamic network. In turn, this will bring new requirements for SLA delivery and management.

In this new webinar, Polystar’s experts will explore new challenges for analytics brought by the new network and show you how real-time analytics is evolving to keep pace.

  • How do you align real-time analytics programmes with 5G evolution?
  • What do new industrial use cases mean for SLA management?
  • How do you support real-time analytics across slices and distributed networks?
  • How do you orchestrate analytics alongside dynamic services?
  • Why is the 3GPP Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF) crucial to success at the Edge?


How can analytics help you in this new dynamic network environment?

It’s time to get ready for the new era of analytics, with the inclusion of cognitive and augmented technologies, backed by AI and ML.

Join our team as we examine new use cases and how to adapt analytics programmes to support new classes of service and new dynamic performance requirements.

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