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Elisa Polystar acquires FRINX to broaden its network automation portfolio

Press release, 4 April 2022

Elisa Polystar has acquired FRINX s.r.o, a Slovak telecom network automation software supplier. FRINX products and software will complement Elisa Polystar’s zero-touch automation and analytics offering, which helps communications service providers (CSPs) automate their network management processes in a multivendor telecom network environment. The acquisition is consistent with Elisa’s strategy to grow digital services internationally and accelerate development of its telecom software business under Elisa Polystar. With this transaction, Elisa Polystar is taking another step on its strategic journey to make self-driving networks happen.

FRINX is a privately owned software provider founded in Bratislava, Slovakia, in 2016. FRINX helps CSPs automate their network configuration management. Its products – proven by installations among leading CSP customers – are cloud-native, microservices-based and network vendor-independent. Today, the company has around 40 experts working in its projects. Following the acquisition, development of their product offering will continue as part of Elisa Polystar’s automation business.

Elisa Polystar is a world-leading network automation and analytics solutions provider, serving over 120 CSPs globally. With its background as an international business of Finland’s largest CSP, Elisa Polystar’s solutions are proven and tested in live networks.

Network automation is a must for CSPs in order to cope with the massive rise in the amounts of data, adoption of new technologies and the overall increased complexity of telecommunication networks. It is about both reducing costs and enhancing the customer experience at the same time. As a result of this acquisition, the combined portfolio will be a good match for existing customer demand. Furthermore, the combined resources will allow Elisa Polystar to provide an accelerated path for their customers in the future.

Gerhard Wieser, CEO and co-founder of FRINX: “We are excited about the possibilities for us and our customers that arise from joining Elisa Polystar. Elisa Polystar is a true pioneer in network automation and operates globally. By joining them, we get access to a global sales channel as well as increased machine learning capabilities and resources. For our own people, it means a chance to join an extended global network of software professionals with more opportunities for personal growth and broader career opportunities.”

Kirsi Valtari, EVP for Automation at Elisa Polystar: “I am happy to welcome the very skilled FRINX experts to join our Automation team. FRINX products and software are a fantastic complement to our own suite of automation solutions, and we’re excited about the possibilities for collaboration going forward. Together, we will be able to create new and even better ways to enhance the operations of customers of both Elisa Polystar and FRINX.”

Media contact:
Inna Ott, Director of Marketing, Elisa Polystar
Phone: +46 8 50 600 600

About FRINX:
FRINX builds software that enables customers to create automated, repeatable, digital processes to build, grow and operate their digital infrastructure. Communication service providers are choosing FRINX products and solutions to automate cloud assets, data centres, branch offices, core, edge and access networks. The goal of automation is to provide programmatic interfaces to save time and resources in deploying infrastructure changes and to provide a cost-effective basis for adding new functionality and services. FRINX provides software that enables low-code workflow design and operation, analytics to support machine learning and intent-based infrastructure control to integrate devices and services from many networking vendors. FRINX has offices in Bratislava, Slovakia and New York, NY. The company is now part of Elisa Polystar.

About Elisa Polystar:
Elisa Polystar, part of Elisa Group, is an innovative provider of cloud-native automation and analytics solutions. Our products help CSPs to reduce both OPEX and CAPEX costs, while enhancing customer experiences. Our portfolio – proven with hundreds of CSPs globally – integrates AI-driven analytics with automation. It unlocks the benefits of closed-loop network operations and optimisation, delivering self-driving networks. Our solutions are compatible with any network, as well as any service, including IoT and 5G network slicing. With our background as an international business of Finland’s largest CSP, Elisa Polystar’s solutions are tested in live networks, and with the unique needs of operators in mind: by an operator, for operators.

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