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FRINX Machine

Automation for dynamic transport services

Next-generation services demand the dynamic allocation of transport resources. Automation is key to enabling these new levels of performance. FRINX Machine is an integrated platform that enables the automation of multi-vendor transport networks, covering configuration, control, operations, and resource management. Fully cloud-native, FRINX Machine unlocks zero-touch provisioning for the transport domain.

Workload reduction during design and implementation phase
Working months saved during integration project


Automated discovery and configuration of network services
Combining the flexibility of workflows and the power of YANG models, FRINX Machine enables the dynamic, automated provisioning of slices, VPNs, transport and more – across the full operations life cycle.

Closed-loop automation for high-performance networks

FRINX Machine provides a comprehensive and easily extendable library of workflows to enable effective, closed-loop automation for transport networks – from the access to the core. Deploy from the cloud or on-premise, it’s a complete, scalable solution for large-scale Tier 1 networks and CSPs.

Comprehensive tracking for all network changes

Unlock software-based networking with complete control over all changes – tracked and cataloged, enabling graceful rollback and full version control. REST API access provides cross-platform integration for all devices, backed by automated topology (physical, network and service), inventory discovery, and service reconciliation.

Optimized for multi-vendor networks

FRINX Machine is natively adapted to support complex, multi-vendor environments, enabling CSPs to select the solutions they need to deliver services to their customers and transform their networks. gNMI, NETCONF, CLI and other interfaces enable seamless integration of any transport solution and device.

Accelerate service delivery for customers and networks

The FRINX portfolio enables service to launch across IP, MPLS and SR transport in minutes. Network and user-initiated control allow rapid rollout with auto-discovery of devices and configuration deployment, with integrated fault management and resolution for metro, Ethernet, fiber, VPN, microwave, mobile and more.



Maintain a well-defined network state without leftovers from failed configuration attempts using device and network wide transactions with rollback and snapshots.

Workflow Manager

Create automated, repeatable digital processes to build, grow and operate your digital communication infrastructure. Implement configuration changes and obtain operational data from heterogenous networks and clouds.

Resource Manager

Manage your physical and logical resources (IP addresses, VLAN IDs and other consumables needed for operating data services) and assets (locations, equipment, ports and services).


“Engaging with Frinx on model driven, vendor neutral telecommunications network automation has been impactful. Frinx brings an innovative perspective and deep experience to network automation, as well as a strong commitment to open source and high-quality, on-time code delivery.”

Andris Bjornson, Product Manager at Facebook Connectivity

“FRINX is expected to provide code base support for the open source project, which is vendor neutral. After due consideration we concluded that FRINX has the right solutions and expertise to do that.”

Spokesman @ SoftBank

“The conscientiousness and dedication of the FRINX colleagues impressed us deeply and we are looking forward to cooperation opportunities in the future.”

Aijun Wang, Manager of the L3VPN PoC project @ Telecom Beijing Research Institute

“The FRINX partnership enriched our automation framework and capabilities. The FRINX solution is vendor agnostic, uses open source components and allows us to integrate it in any environment at the speed of light.”

Mohamed El Haddouchi, Group CTO @ InfraData


IP/MPLS workflow, inventory and network control

Learn about:

  • Intent-driven e2e network control across the protocol stack & service orchestration
  • Automation for Transport Networks – getting it right, first time, every time.
FRINX Machine Product - Elisa Polystar


Automation for Transport Networks – getting it right, first time, every time.

Delivering services that require transport capabilities, at scale, involves the coordination of instructions and configuration information across a large pool of devices.

In this paper, we explore challenges involved in enabling new, dynamic service delivery models, and show how automation can support and enable operator agility and ensure the efficient operation of these networks, for key use cases, such as:

  • The introduction of new 5G cells and connectivity to the requisite transport network
  • The dynamic creation of enterprise VPNs
  • Network slicing
  • Network migration programs
  • Troubleshooting for services across the access and transport networks
Automation for Transport Networks White Paper - Elisa Polystar