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Our solutions are built with network operators in mind – and are tested and used in Elisa’s network in Finland. With Elisa Polystar, operators can transform, securing automated, agile operations, and delivering enhanced, consistent customer experiences, at lower cost.


Automated Operations

Network Operations Centers can now be completely automated. With our solution, CSPs can benefit from 24×7 zero-touch fault management, 100% alarm automation, predictive maintenance and fault detection, automated ticket creation and handling – reducing OPEX and accelerating resolution times.

Automated Performance

Maximize network performance with our automated solution. Leverage pre-built automation use cases or develop your own to match your business goals. Enhance customer experience and reduce repetitive, manual tasks. Combine data from different sources and benefit from machine learning to automatically control your multi-vendor and multi-technology network.

B2B Service Automation

Create, modify and update communications services, such as Layer 2 and Layer 3 Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), overlayed virtualized and independent logical networks on top of the same physical network, and more.

Cable License Automation

Get a better, continuous understanding of subscriber behavior and demand to adjust automatically license allocation for CMTS capacity and DOCSIS 3.1.

Data Integration & Movement

Collect, merge and transport data from various sources within a network to a centralized repository for analysis and reporting, in order to improve network performance, customer experience and business operations.

Intelligent Energy Saver

Energy bills are a major cost item for network operators, particularly in the RAN. With 5G-rollout, energy costs are increasing still further. Existing, static energy-saving settings are no longer sufficient. Elisa Polystar’s Intelligent Energy Saver is proven to reduce energy costs by up to 14%, without negatively impacting the customer experience.

Network Monitoring

Secure real-time insight from your entire network, services and customers. You gain access to all control and user plane data, performance, fault management and configuration data – across any network technology and from any vendor solution. Backed by AI and machine learning, automatic alerts and prioritized insights are delivered to your team.

Predictive Assurance

Act before customers notice issues and complain. With solutions based on machine learning and AI, Elisa Polystar, can detect and solve issues before customers are affected. Reduce mean-time-to-resolve and number of field visits. Predictive assurance also reduces the load on customer call centers by up to 20% for network-related incidents.

Service Assurance Analytics

Reduce network complexity with an end-to-end view, optimized for your entire organization. Obtain insights from customer, service and network data from the core to the access network. A correlated view means it’s quicker and easier to find, verify and resolve incidents. A consistent view gives your teams a common understanding of the network state.

Subscriber Analytics & Insights

Understand subscriber relationships across all touchpoints and devices by aggregating subscriber data from multiple sources into a single, accurate record. Gain the ability to personalize experiences, solutions and offers that match the needs of the subscribers.